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Chocolatier, coffee drinker, motorsport fan, gamer, web developer and digital marketer

Starting Developing with NFC
May 30, 2015
Backed this Near Field Communications (NFC) board on Kickstarter last year. First go with it...
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Content Strategy is Child's Play
April 30, 2015
If you're involved in creating content you'll know that quite often business requirements change, "stakeholders" will decide they want something different than was agreed, the domain expert wants another 57 paragraphs of additional context added and your analytics is telling you the user spends a...

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Triple Chocolate Falling Orb Cake
April 05, 2015
As I may have mentioned before, I'm not a baker. Nowhere even close. As much as I love being in the kitchen, following processes and being exact with things, I've surprisingly never seemed to get along with baking. That might be starting to change slightly as I ramp up my creations in light of...
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Chocolate Orbs and Cake
February 08, 2015
So, after over a month and a half of not making any chocolates I decided (after a relatively healthy January) to get back into it and retry one of my first successes - the inverse swirl orbs. It's been nearly a year since doing the last batch of these, and were one of the first batches I was t...
Img 20150208 103446 Img 20150208 121047 Img 20150208 130849 Img 20150208 112639 Img 20150208 134227
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Chocolate Selection Testing
November 17, 2014
After getting a delivery of 5kg of chocolate today (2.5kg of dark and white), I decided to have a go at making a few different types of chocolate in one sitting, in preparation for what might be a busy season ahead... It was supposed to be a caramel (salted and peanut) selection, but I've only...
Img 20141117 112535 Img 20141117 133317 Img 20141117 152841 Img 20141117 153035 Img 20141117 180227
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Lemon Ganache Chocolates
November 08, 2014
Now, these wont be to everyone's taste I know - the combination of dark chocolate and a lemon ganache is quite an unusual flavour combination which a lot of people wont appreciate. However. I think the bitterness and the acidity work together well to cut through each other enough, that a co...
Img 20141108 141300 Img 20141108 144432 Img 20141108 145737 Img 20141108 160008 Img 20141108 194649 Img 20141108 194731
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Orange Flavoured Chocolates
October 26, 2014
Here are my most recent chocolate creations: a dark chocolate shell, filled with a milk chocolate and orange flavoured ganache. Really happy with these, I think they might just be the best I've created - really nice balance of flavours, nicely tempered chocolate, and smooth (but not too runny)...
Img 20141025 161118 Img 20141025 165127 Img 20141025 173108 Img 20141025 190847 Img 20141025 190857
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Would Instagram be as successful if Twitter had bought it?
October 26, 2014
One of the more heated M&A deals of the past few years was that of Instagram by Facebook. Twitter was in a fight to acquire them, and it got a little nasty after they were jilted at the altar after making (what was argued) a formal offer. I wrote a piece arguing that it wasn’t worth the $1bn p...

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First Bean to Bar
March 01, 2014
This is a rewrite of the original for the new CMS - so I might forget or miss bits. Here's the evidence of my first go at bean to bar chocolate production. Although the finished items were gritty, and the flavours harsh, it still tasted of chocolate, and going through the processes and ending ...
Img 20140318 154504 Img 20140319 172635 Img 20140319 173307 Img 20140319 180104 Img 20140319 202358
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