Lime beef

Chilli and Lime Beef Strips

Posted almost 2 years ago

Insanely simple Chilli and Lime Beef recipe - ready in under 15 minutes.

Beef (minute steaks, cut into strips)
Spring Onions
White Onion
Chilli Powder
Garlic (paste or crushed)
1/2 Lime
Dash of Worcester Sauce
Basmati Rice

Get your rice on as that'll take the longest, usual rule of 1 part rice to 2 parts water. You want it quite sticky, so it's ok if it gets a little over done, should be somewhere in the 12-15 minute range.

Cut your beef into strips, and your spring/white onions into small pieces, add on hot chilli powder to taste, dash on some Worcester Sauce, mix in your garlic and squeeze in the half a lime (seems like a lot, but it'll cook out nicely), and a few turns of pepper.

You want to almost sauté it so a sauce develops in the pan and the juices come together.

This'll take 5/6 minutes, so time it with your rice, serve up, and eat! Mega quick, only a couple of quid, bags of flavour.

by Steve Farnworth

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