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Will Snackable Content Triumph?

Posted over 1 year ago

A lot has been said about the diminishing attention spans of modern consumers, whether it be time spent looking at your display advertising, or scrolling through their newsfeed - ooo, a puppy video…

To cater for this, publishers and marketers are going all in on short format, snackable content. In fact, as we’ve seen this week with the launch of Truffle Pig the new social agency supergroup from WPP, the Daily Mail and SnapChat, now seems to be the time when short, is big.

The trend probably has less to do with inherent attention spans, but due to the fact that so much quality content is just a thumb swipe away. A users’ time is valuable, and they will jump ship to find something better in an instant.

Are agile agencies therefore the key to cracking this market? More than likely yes.

They need to be given a very long leash from brands and the ability to quickly adapt to trends in the marketplace. Although Truffle Pig seems interesting, being too tied to a particular network, platform, service or (for want of a less douchey word) paradigm, could be the wrong step to make in such a dynamic market.

We’re moving away (hopefully) from vanity metrics - trying to convince clients and stakeholders that followers, likes and retweets are bullshit. What matters is how engagement turns into conversions or builds longer term brand awareness. A favourite is cheap, but brand recall is priceless.

So what do we do? Same as has always been true - produce quality content the user would want to see even if it weren’t a brand putting it there. Easy to say, hard to do, but seemingly even harder to convince a lot of people to do.

Will snackable content triumph? No. It’s nothing new, “snackable” content is just well produced content that fits the platform that user is on at that time. Enjoyed as part of a well balanced diet of sugary shortform and leafy longform.

by Steve Farnworth

Steve Farnworth is a petrolhead, coffee drinker, amateur chocolatier, web developer and digital marketer from England, UK.

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