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Lemon Ganache Chocolates

Posted over 2 years ago

Now, these wont be to everyone's taste I know - the combination of dark chocolate and a lemon ganache is quite an unusual flavour combination which a lot of people wont appreciate.


I think the bitterness and the acidity work together well to cut through each other enough, that a couple of these are just the ticket for after a meal.

Using the Hotel Chocolat 70% drops, and a white chocolate based ganache.


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Another vicious temper...

Used some new drops, as well as some set chocolate from my orange flavoured ones from 2 weeks ago. Used the same technique as then as well, and it seems to work well.

Empty Shells

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The empty shells before filling - the chocolate was a little cool, so it took a while to drain out, and there's a few with some thicker bits here and there. No real issue though.


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Lemon, you say?

Standard white chocolate ganache. 3 parts chocolate, to 1 part double cream (if you're doing milk or dark, you'd use 2:1 instead of 3:1), with several cap fulls of your standard supermarket lemon flavouring.

Once I'm happy my tempering technique is 100% sorted, I'm going to move onto proper infusion style centres - but for the minute, those little bottles of essence do well enough.

Topped Off

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Again, lots of bubbles on the bottoms. Issue this time was the slightly cooler and thicker chocolate wouldn't knock them down, but still a smooth bottom is always nice...


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These were even smoother than the orange ones from before to release, so really happy with them from that perspective. Nice gloss, and snappy shells = happy Steve.


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...lemon? Chocolate?

Whilst I don't think it's as much a winning combination like the aforementioned orange ones, I do like these. You can't eat a lot of them in one go, but they play with your palate, and I think they'd go really well after a meal with something sparkling and alcoholic.

Even if the flavour isn't to everyone's liking, they still produced exactly the effect I was going for, so once again, another successful batch.

Next step is to think about the Christmas range...

by Steve Farnworth

Steve Farnworth is a petrolhead, coffee drinker, amateur chocolatier, web developer and digital marketer from England, UK.

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