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Chocolate Selection Testing

Posted over 2 years ago

After getting a delivery of 5kg of chocolate today (2.5kg of dark and white), I decided to have a go at making a few different types of chocolate in one sitting, in preparation for what might be a busy season ahead...

It was supposed to be a caramel (salted and peanut) selection, but I've only ever made caramel with condensed milk, and it wasn't until I got started I realised I haven't yet bought a tin opener. So, ganaches it is.


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Big Bags

Largest bags I've ever bought - hoping for this lot to last me for Christmas, although I might have to add a milk/lower cocoa dark to this, as the 70% is a little over-powering.

New Moulds

Img 20141117 133317

Filled - you don't need to see another empty shell shot

Two new moulds (the bars and the cacao pods), as well as the magnetic one with a transfer sheet in it.

White ganache is a lemon, milk ganache is orange, and the little pieces in some of the bars are stroopwaffles (was going to be the caramel/peanut, so had to improvise slightly).

Have to admit, I again didn't know whether these would release - although my expectations were boosted after seeing that the chocolate on my forehead was tempered correctly...


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Red-Nosed Reindeers

Transfer sheets worked ok, although they didn't pick the designs up fully (assuming something wasn't consistent in the temperature of the chocolate), but pretty cool preparation for the Xmas season.

Not quite as lemony before - I think I need to ramp up the flavour if I'm using this chocolate.


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A chocolate bar?

These worked quite well actually - although as before, I think the amount of chocolate overpowers the orange ganache. Works well with the waffles though - need to try making wafer next.


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They released... after a fashion

I thought these would be the easiest to release, but actually they took the longest and some didn't even come out at all. Needed extra time in the fridge to contract, but that introduced a little condensation. Doesn't alter the flavour, but assuming they might bloom later (?).

Again, nice flavour, but the balance is a little too much on the chocolate, rather than the orange.

Another reasonably successful batch. Whilst the flavours weren't on point, technique and creation wise they worked well. Also shows that it is possible to make a few different flavours at a time if push comes to shove.

However, I don't think I'd choose to do too many moulds at a time without a melting tank - the chocolate cooled a bit quickly for working with.

Still, gloss, snap, shine and a release of all but two = happy Steve again.

by Steve Farnworth

Steve Farnworth is a petrolhead, coffee drinker, amateur chocolatier, web developer and digital marketer from England, UK.

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