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Chocolate Orbs and Cake

Posted about 2 years ago

So, after over a month and a half of not making any chocolates I decided (after a relatively healthy January) to get back into it and retry one of my first successes - the inverse swirl orbs.

It's been nearly a year since doing the last batch of these, and were one of the first batches I was truly happy with. This time I've had a lot more experience in moulding and dark, but had hardly done anything with white in the meantime.

Also decided to make a cake slice because I wanted to be a little pretentious and create a slightly arty plate-up.

Tempering White

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I'll argue to anyone that this is, in fact, chocolate...

Although I use white chocolate all the time in ganaches, I've not tempered it in nearly a year - still, technique obviously works as it has the gloss, snap and retraction we're looking for.


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More empty shells...

You can get a sense from this one how they're done - swirl a little tempered white around first (using a clean finger) to create the unique swirls, then build up the shells as usual.


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Yay! Complete - was a little worried as they were slightly shy demoulding, but all worked out, and the effect was exactly as intended.

Insides are a standard white chocolate ganache. Was going to try a strawberry infusion, but really couldn't be bothered after 4 hours in the kitchen :)


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Devil horns

So this was a little different. I'm not a good baker, so it's always going to be hit and miss with me making a cake. Especially as I intended to make one that was quite dense as the original plan was to encase in solid white chocolate.

Anyway, the plan changed after finding out how hard it'd be, so it's only the top that's solid white (nice crispy shell complements the unintended lightness of the cake...).

Digging In

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Nom nom nom

Nice. Much better than I was expecting and I've not yet keeled over from food poisoning, which is a bonus.

Although I spent a lot longer in the kitchen than I intended, or wanted, it's been a successful Sunday.

Now need to decide what to tackle next. Being single I'm ignoring Valentine's Day, but Easter isn't going to be far off...

by Steve Farnworth

Steve Farnworth is a petrolhead, coffee drinker, amateur chocolatier, web developer and digital marketer from England, UK.

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