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Triple Chocolate Falling Orb Cake

Posted almost 2 years ago

As I may have mentioned before, I'm not a baker. Nowhere even close. As much as I love being in the kitchen, following processes and being exact with things, I've surprisingly never seemed to get along with baking.

That might be starting to change slightly as I ramp up my creations in light of more time spent working with chocolate.

So, without much further ado, I present to you, arguably my most complex project yet: the Triple Chocolate Falling Orb Cake.

The Finished Item

Cake cover

Reminds me of the Eye of Sauron...

So, here it is. What we have is a two layered chocolate cake (this recipe as it's simple), with a white chocolate disc in the middle, and a dark chocolate disc on top.

Finished off with freeze dried raspberries, a little white chocolate pedestal, and an inverse swirl orb (a la these, but two stuck together to make a full sphere).

The Fall

What we're here for...

And this is the reveal.

What we do here is pour hot white chocolate ganache over the top, which melts the disc, revealing a hollow centre that the orb/marble falls through.

Add a bit more hot sauce (oo'er), and it goes through the white disc, and ends up melting the orb, saucing the pudding.

Really fucking pleased with this. It did take 5 hours to put together, and I did make one to practice on before this (which needed two attempts as the ganache cools *really* quickly, losing the heat needed to melt the first disc).

Hopefully you like the look of it!

by Steve Farnworth

Steve Farnworth is a petrolhead, coffee drinker, amateur chocolatier, web developer and digital marketer from England, UK.

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