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Starting Developing with NFC

Posted almost 2 years ago

There's been a lot said about how NFC will change user interaction over the last few years.

When it first hit the scene, lots of people were left somewhat underwhelmed with the possibilities on show, but as the latest batch of use cases have hit the market (such as contactless payments from your mobile phone), people are starting to take notice again.

What we have here is the AppNearMe board that was running on Kickstarter last summer. After backing and forgetting about it, one showed up a couple of months back, and I just got around a few weeks ago to getting up and running with it.

Like a lot of things, it's easier to develop for it on Linux. It's never easy on Windows, a number of different hoops to jump through, so just stick with Ubuntu.

First thing to try was the native Android Beam implementation which allows you to send a webpage you have open on your phone to the desktop the board is plugged into - not exactly a killer use case, but shows off the tech really well, and certainly gives you ideas as to all manner of digital/physical interactions you can play with.

I'll bring you a few more adventures with it in the future, but you can check the company out at

by Steve Farnworth

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